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Birdathon Fundraiser
Stay tuned for updates on our 2016 Birdathon fundraiser!

Each spring, local birding teams compete to find the most species of birds in one day to fundraise for bird conservation. Birdathon contributions support the Cerulean Warbler Reserve in Colombia, South America. The reserve was established by Pro Aves, a Colombian conservation organization dedicated to acquiring land and establishing bird sanctuaries across the country to protect critical habitat for our local neotropical migrants on their wintering grounds. In 2014 you helped us raise more than $7,000! With a match of $6,500 from the American Bird Conservancy, we were able to contribute more than $13,000 to the Cerulean Warbler Reserve.
*Birdathon donation form*
Cerulean Warbler
What is it?
A Birdathon involves teams of birders trying to see (and hear) as many species of birds as possible within a set time period. This can mean either spending the day watching feeders, walking around the local bird sanctuary or even organizing teams to scour our region for birds. Money is raised by donors either sponsoring a team for a certain dollar amount per bird or by simply donating a fixed amount. Each team generally counts between 110 and 120 species in a given day. The list of birds seen will be posted on the EMAS website after the teams have completed their Birdathon.
As teams are trying to see as many species as possible, it's best to run the Birdathon during spring migration season and the chosen window is usually from the middle of April through the middle of May. Teams can run their Birdathon whenever they wish during this time period.
Who benefits?
Asheville is the only city in North Carolina with Cerulean Warblers in its backyard. Between 12 and 24 male Cerulean Warblers hold territories on the Blue Ridge Parkway each year from Craven Gap to Lane Pinnacle Overlook. EMAS has adopted the Bull Creek IBA and volunteers have monitored its small population of Cerulean Warblers since 1998. Birders from all over the southeast come to Asheville to see and hear this beautiful blue songbird, whose overall numbers are decreasing precipitously. Cerulean Warblers spend the winter on the eastern slope of the Andes. There they inhabit remnants of native forest and shade-grown coffee plantations, where they join other songbirds foraging for insects in the tall trees that shade the coffee plants.

The Cerulean Warbler Reserve was established in 2005 in Colombia by ProAves, a Colombian non-profit organization "dedicated to the conservation of birds and their habitats through research, outreach and direct conservation actions in collaboration with local communities." ProAves has partnered with the American Bird Conservancy on this project, and the Reserve has grown ten-fold since its inception. More funding allows more land to be purchased for the Reserve. A small lodge has been built for eco-tourists, local people are being trained as guides and as researchers, and local communities are being educated about the importance of birds in the local economy.
Cerulean Warbler Reserve
The EMAS board thinks that investing the proceeds of Birdathon into the Cerulean Warbler Reserve will bring the most conservation "bang for the buck."
In addition, $400 raised by Birdathon goes to our EMAS Scholarship, given each year to a UNCA Environmental Studies student, to assist toward a viable, effective career dedicated to environmental salvation.
Team information for Birdathon 2015 can be found below.

Golden-wings (led by Charlotte Goedsche)
Team members: Nancy Casey, Nancy Cowal, Charlotte Goedsche, Gail Lankford, Janie Owens, Marilyn Westphal
Peregrines (led by Simon Thompson)
Team members: Kevin Burke, Doug Johnston, Simon Thompson, Emilie Travis
Beaver Lake Bluebirds (led by Tom Tribble)
Team members: Jamie Harrelson, Chris Kelly, Marianne Mooney, Tom Tribble
Birdathon team
There are several ways you can donate:

Click on the "Donate" button below. There, you can use a credit card or Paypal account. To sponsor a particular Birdathon team, click on "How do you want your donation spent?" (located on the Review Your Donation page) and enter the team's name.

Mail a check with the Birdathon donation form to:
PO Box 18711
Asheville, NC 28814

To pledge an amount for each bird species counted by a particular team, fill out the Birdathon donation form and mail it to the address above. After the species totals are in, we'll let you know how many species your team counted.

Attend the EMAS May program, which has a suggested donation that goes directly to Birdathon.

You can also drop your donation by the Asheville Wild Birds Unlimited store on Hendersonville Rd.
Cerulean Warbler
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